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Online/Offline Filtration of Transformer Oil

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Online/Offline Filtration of Transformer Oil

Oil in constant use has...

1. Reduced Break Down Voltage Capacity.
2. Increased Moisture Contents.
3. Increased Residual Gas Contents.
4. Development Of Stresses.
5. Inclusion Of Particles, (Chemically Active).
6. Reduce Resistivity

Transformer oil needs regular purification, to get rid of harmful contaminants which shorten the life, thus to enhance its properties the oil needs to be filtered.

Transformer oil needs to be regularly monitored for the required parameters to avoid failure.

1. Need to get your transformer oil filtered?
2. Problem in achieving required parameters of transformer oil?
3. Require online filtration or offline filtration of insulating oil?
4. Want to increase the BDV of the transformer oil?
5. Want to reduce the moisture content in the Oil?
6. Want to remove acidity from transformer oil?

SUMESH PETROLEUM PVT LTD has the solution for you, just send us your oil quantity or transformer rating we will arrange for the filtration of your transformer oil.